Educational material

Why young children?

  • because there is limited educational material for raising young children’s awareness on the effects of noise,
  • because children do not understand science concepts as adults do,
  • because ordinarily available materials are modifications of existing university resources,
  • because children learn by actively exploring and communicating in a variety of modes, because the dissemination of specialised knowledge regarding noise to large population groups requires the mediation of competent teachers, because children have not yet consolidated the attitudes and behaviours which connect noise to life style

. . . we need to address children without didacticism, reinforcing learning rather than teaching
. . . we need to develop open educational scenarios and support the teachers

Our intention is to win a battle for the new generations, the battle of hearing versus noise, which appears to be doomed to be left in the field of cultural stereotypes.

The scientific team

Educational scenario

Video material about sound and noise